Wholesale BlockChain Solutions

Low Density

SimpleXX – 6 GPU and SimpleXX HD -13 GPU stackers can be stacked 3 high without wall or floor securing. With wall or floor securing upto 6 chassis high

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Medium Density

SimpleXX Rack : 19inch datacenter enclosure for upto 8 GPU in 4u space. Upto 10 chassis can be mounted into a standard 42u patchrack.

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High Density

ChainStation – Custom 19″ based datacenter solution for pro-sumers and companies willing to deploy large scale mining farms

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Custom Design Service

Need a 4 x 120mm fan assembly or your name/brand on the chassis?
Let us know and we will design it for you or your customers.

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BlockChainChassis is based in the Netherlands and provides wholesale blockchain solutions for webshops, ditributors and large (international) customers like the SimpleXX Original, HD, PRO and SimpleXX Rack 4u 19 inch chassis for GPU mining of Ethereum, Zcash and other coins.

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Interested in becoming a reseller – please contact us on : info@blockchainchassis.com