ChainStation 18u Master Control – Datacenter Solution for 24 x AMD/Nvidia GPU

ChainStation 18u Master Control – Datacenter Solution for 24 x AMD/Nvidia GPU


ChainStation 18u Master / Control Node Specifications
– 18u standard 19 inch rack
– 4 x SimpleXX Rack Steel chassis for total 24 GPU and 8 PSU
– Including 24 x riser cable and 4 x PWM control for the fans
– Optimised for single 16amp 220v power group (using rx470mining edition)
– 12 port switch with 1x UTP cable to connect to ChainStation Slaves
– Wheel mounted rack – easy to relocate
– Delivered RTB – Ready To Build on a single pallet, just add system hardware and start mining
– Add and control upto 16 ChainStation Slaves in 42u, 32u and 18u configurations

Add-on modules:
– All SimpleXX Rack with Sliding Rails
– Miner Administration unit with Screen/Keyboard/Mouse
– Power consumption module for power measure slaves
– Turn key mining system for 640mhs using 24x RX470 mining GPU @ 2800 watts

Please contact before ordering this product as there may be options/configuration or airconditioning requirements needed tailored to your business.



To adress the current need for large scale implementations using datacenter infrastructures and to provide businesses with a easy to manage mining solution, BlockChainChassis has developed the ChainStation mining platform.

A single Master/Control unit can manage and control a variety of slave mining nodes. The master can be fitted with power and temperature analysis units that will provide current and historic data on the platform while retaining the master’s mining capability.

The Slaves are designed to provide low cost / high hashrate datacenter housing while the internet and analysis connectivity and functionality is provided from the master. Adding new slaves is easy by connecting the custom power bars to the master node, connecting the integrated slave switch to the master switch and connecting the optional analysis tools to the master node. Currently a 18u master node supports the following slave configurations for a total of 144 GPU: 6 x 18u, 3 x 32u or 2 x 42u + 1 x 18u slave

Additional information

Sliding Rails

All SimpleXX Rack with Sliding Rails, No Sliding Rails Installed

Mining System

640Mhs – 24x RX470 Mining GPU +/- 2800 Watt, No Mining System Installed


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